At present I'm currently building a 1/5 scale Mk8 Spitfire from Brain Taylor plans.

The following pictures are of the project at a stage prior to undercoating and then detailing.
Prior to the above stages the plane was built up using traditional building methods and has been constructed from balsa and ply. the rudder and elevators have been covered with Solatex which has then been coated with clear shrinking dope thinned to a 50 / 50 ratio.   





This picture shows the wing with its covering of glass fibre cloth and epoxy resin this has then been sanded to a near glass finish (this method of covering will be shown in more detail
on my next project.




This picture below on the left  shows the the plane with a first coat of under coat, which will be sanded back virtually to the fibreglass layer below revealing any high or low areas which will then be subsequently re-sanded and then re-sprayed ensuring a totally flat finish subsequent to panel lines and rivets being added (to be explained later)











The picture to the right shows the underside of the plane with the newly added radiator scope and the carb air intake. Note the cut outs that depict the cannon and machine gun shell exit ports. As you can see this has really started to bring some scale realism to the model


This picture is of my wife lending some scale to the project.
Over the coming months view this page to follow the progress of the model through its final stages of detailing painting,  radio, installation and engine installation.












This picture on the right is showing the application of hatches. these are basically aluminium strips cut to the shape of the hatches and panels and then stuck to the wing panel once painted they will give a slightly raised appearance as per the full size aircraft 







Once all the detailing work has been completed the plane can be undercoated ready for its final paint scheme




The picture on the right is showing the plane in its final colour scheme. Although  this looks finished I still have some way to go on this model in relation to installing and setting up the radio system and retract system.

There is also the matter of running in the MVVS 26cc model petrol engine.







This picture shows her standing on her undercarriage at long last. No not the wife the plane


I'm nearly there now after Two and a half years hope to have her in the air early spring 2010






 Click link below to view engine run up in model                                      Click link below to view close up video of model