Final Construction Before Covering


Follow this page to see how the final construction stages of the model take shape, from installation of control surfaces to installation of servos and engine.

Aileron installation

Stabiliser and Elevator

If you  remember the Stabiliser and the elevator where built as one over the plans ( see stabiliser construction )and then removed, put to one side while the rest of the aircraft structure was built.
Well now that all this work has been completed, I've dug out the stabiliser and elevator section,  carefully stored  out of harms way ready to split the section enabling me to install  the hinges.

Picture 1 below shows the two sections now separated which was carried out simply by cutting between the stabiliser trailing and elevator leading edge with a razor saw and then tidying up the cuts with medium grade sandpaper.

Once happy, the stabiliser was replaced over the plans it was originally  built from and marks then placed on the structure identifying the location of the six hinges that will join the two sections together see picture 2 below. Once this is done then the elevator section is placed on the plans and the marks  then transferred to this ensuring accurate alignment of both sections   

With the marks now all in position the next job is to find the centre of the tailing edge of the stabiliser and leading edge of the Elevator. To find this I have a handy little tool that is used for this purpose. See first picture below. It has a little raised point that scores the balsa as you draw it along the balsa surface. Once all the centres are marked then the next job is to slit the balsa using a hinge slitter and a gig that aids in guiding the slitter accurately and straight through the wood. See picture 2 below

Once all the slits have been made then the hinges can be dry fitted to first the stabiliser and then the elevator marring up the slits and so joining to the stabiliser. using these tools and this method gives a perfect fit every time. See pictures below 

To see this in more detail click the video link below

stabiliser elevator and hinge setup

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